Career transformation 1-on-1 mentorship

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If you’re a college student who wants to get a head start over his peer,

Or if you feel like your programming career isn’t going anywhere,

Or you wanna break through the ranks of so-so programmers and become the best of the best


You won’t find an opportunity like this elsewhere.

"Every person is unique & needs a mentor in her/his life to guide him where courses fail to help."

At some point in life, you will need a mentor. You can’t always do it alone.

Now, here’s what you get if you buy: We will hop on a private call together for 60 to 90 minutes, one on one, and chart out the entire roadmap for your career.

Now bear in mind. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill consultation. You’ll be benefitting from the knowledge of someone with more than ten years of experience in the tech industry.

You will gain so much from this one session, it’s almost cheating.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in your consultation call:

• Which programming language should you learn for maximum ROI

• Which code editor to use

• What fancy framework is right for you

• How to go about mastering this skill

• Which database to leverage

• Should you go for 9-5 Or Should you freelance

• How much time you’ll need to dedicate

• How to stay fit as a coder(This is crucial. You will be sitting all day. That’s bad for you.)

• How to ace your interview and get your dream job

….and much more.

Find out more at codelifefitness

But before you take out your credit cards, let me tell you about myself:

My name is Ankur Tyagi. I hold more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. I am the founder of (@wetesterr) where my team & I help people across the globe become ROCKSTARS in the art of programming.

I have helped over 200 people to date with my experience. Let’s hear some of their stories:

Praise From Others

You can read all feedback here:

"My name is Blessing, I started learning how to code February 2020. Although I am doing a little bit well. But I felt I could do better with mentorship because, at times, I get so lost that I can't find myself. Everything I know about coding I got it here on Twitter. I was really looking out for a mentor when I came across Ankur's post and he offered to mentor anyone that needed help. So far I am doing great with his help. Whenever I get stuck he gives me a hand. Thanks, Ankur I appreciate all your help. You have been a great mentor!!!

Blessing (@_OgesBii)

"Ankur is the go-to person when it comes to coding advice. I was stuck in limbo not knowing how to progress until I came across Ankur. My ability to create useful software has grown under his guidance. Thanks to his mentorship, I have direction and a clear path to success."

— Joe Moberly (@JoeMoberly3)

"Ur mentorship helped me a Lot to Update my skills and There are Many More Things we can learn from an Experienced people like You Except Subject which Helps us In Professional life and personal life both !! I hope to learn More From You which will be helpful for me to Build my Future strong !!"

The Alpha Male (@A_HonestSinner)

"Sometimes we all need motivation, to continue. We know a lot, but we cannot know everything. In my journey into tech I was feeling down a few weeks ago but @TheAnkurTyagiwas really supportive. Thanks again Ankur! Continue practicing consistently my Twitter friends"

"'Ankur is an amazing mentor, has an amazing personality, and is a great person. I usually reach out to him whenever I need some advice"

Ameen (@crafter_coder)

"Ankur is great and so responsive when it comes to helping with my problems.

He is knowledgeable and easily approachable. I highly recommend Ankur"

Patel Manthan (@_ManthanPatel)

"Ankur has been very supportive from day 1 when I joined twitter and contacted him, always responded with his genuine advice, so grateful. Thanks, Ankur."

Vikas Kumar (@svikas641)

"At the time I interacted with you. I was completely unaware what how freelancing works and how to start for the same. It's really nice of you to that you guided me towards the same and I got the basic understanding and how to be better at it as well as getting better at community"

GaurangAmbasana (@GaurangAmbasana)

"The roadmap scripted for web dev is awesome by you. If followed seriously, one can become a prolific web dev"

ABHISHEK KUMAR (@code_predator)

"You are a really good mentor for me. As I didn't know about coding etc. Before August. I want to learn something exciting and different then I choose coding Sir, you help me a lot as I didn't know good sources, You help me a lot, and provide me a way to go further"

Satyam (@warriorsattu)

"you are the first one who gave a reply to my questions thanks for your help. I am coming from a background that doesn't have a cs degree your mentorship is helpful to know about the tech industry. thanks for all the work your doing."

Pavan (@pavankumarzs)

How would it feel to be one of these success stories?

Pretty darn dope, I believe.

If you want to rise above the mass of overworked and underpaid coders, click the “I Want This!” button below NOW.


Typical 60-90mins

Once you purchase successfully, I will send you the meeting invite link as per our agreed timings either Webex, zoom, google meet.

No questions asked refund policy:

If you’re not satisfied after this call, just email/DM me, and I’ll refund all your money, no questions asked.

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You'll get a 1-1 live video call

60-90 mins
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Career transformation 1-on-1 mentorship

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