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A Developer's Guide to Blogging

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A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Extra Income through Blogging.

If you had asked me if I would ever make money from my blogging, I would have said no. I lack any special talent, gift, or even a writer to mentor me.

I’ve made more than $50,000 from writing in the last 2 years.

If I can make money from writing, you can too.

How Do I Get Technical Writing Partnerships?

I cold emailed, and DM’d a few startup CEOs/CTOs on Twitter, pitching about my skills and how I can solve their problems as I already write technical blogs in my quarter-time role, and out of 10–20 emails, DMs, which I sent initially; I received 5–6 follow-up emails asking to share my past or current work and set up some initial meetings and this what I needed just to continue my writing business.

Now coming to the point of how I land these opportunities, Mostly via cold emails/DM.

I make an educated guess.


[first name] @ [company]. com

[first initial] [last name] @ [company]. com

[first name]. [last name] @ [company]. com

[last name] @ [company]. com

The full story is available in a blog post linked below.

How I Made $30,000 From Writing in 1 Year

This book will teach you practical methods for creating powerful cold emails while also encouraging you to take a chance.

This is not your typical reference book. Instead, I'd like to show you that you can write a good technical blog and earn money with just a little bit of knowledge. I only cover topics of which I have firsthand knowledge. The majority of the information I provide here is irrelevant to those who believe in magic.

Finding writing leads is stressful. There are dozens of applicants, and you're up against people with years of experience.

Most people don't get the answer to their cold DMs & Emails why because they just don't know how to simply send interesting Emails/DMs.

Have a look at one example email, How I approached.

What's Included

  • Chapter 1: Why Write in Public and Start a Blog?
  • Chapter 2: Why is a Good Enough Blog Better Than a Great Blog?
  • Chapter 3: How to Crush the Cold Email or Cold DM Game
  • Chapter 4: How to Become a Standout Writer
  • Chapter 5: A Complete Guide to Starting a Blog
  • Chapter 6: Twitter For Technical Writers
  • Chapter 7: Technical Writing Opportunities in Software Industry
  • Chapter 8: Why is Personal Branding Important in Blogging?
  • Chapter 09: How to Get Feedback When You First Start Blogging
  • Chapter 10: Do You Need a Personal Website to Blog?
  • Chapter 11: Technical Writing Resources.
  • Chapter 12: Why is Networking Important in Blogging?

Why you should buy this book?

Trying to find a technical writing job in IT and want employers to contact you? and If you're tired of the never-ending search and believe your cold email/DM isn't getting seen, this book will teach you how to design a distinctive email/DM that will be viewed by the founders, community managers, and organisations you desire. I'll explain how I obtained corporate leads through cold emails/DMs.

Earn money, make connections, and get noticed.

I earn $600 to $1200 per article when writing tutorials — and with a few projects, that money adds up. But money isn't the only reason to write.

Here are some of my most recent earnings from technical writing.

Consider this real-time example:

A Full-time technical writer/developer advocate/developer relations is getting on an average of $30-90k in Asia and 2-4x that in the US/EMEA.

Most of these businesses do not want to spend their weeks writing content. Even if they manage to find a great person and get one good piece of content every week from them, that's $1k-$5k per technical blog.

And maintaining similar volume/velocity/quality internally is difficult since the best technical employees get burned out soon from generating content and/or get pulled into other projects because no marketing team ever has enough technical people.

This is where you can fill a gap in their backlog and become a good player from the outside & it's a win win for both business and you as creator.

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

Kind Words From People in Tech Community

More feedback from industry experts on my most recent blog post:

Cold Email/DM Course Content.

  • DAY 1, WELCOME, and What Brought You Here
  • DAY 3, Let's Start Cold Emailing
  • DAY 4, Why Should You Send Cold Email or DM?
  • DAY 5, How to find interesting people to send a cold email
  • DAY 6, Build Your Cold Email Engine
  • DAY 7, My First Win in Cold DM
  • DAY 8, Write once, Sell Forever
  • DAY 9, How to write a cold email to get what you want
  • DAY 10, My Biggest Win in Cold Email
  • DAY 11, Less is More
  • DAY 12, The Part-Time Blogger Manifesto
  • DAY 13, These are the Biggest Cold Emailing Mistakes
  • DAY 14, The 30-Day Rule (and Other Secrets to Cold emails)
  • DAY 15, Final Thoughts and Answering Your Questions how did it go? (i'd love to hear from you!)

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About the Author

My name is Ankur Tyagi, I'm a Software Developer, Blogger, Mentor, Author and you can also find me on Twitter where I'm sharing my experience and journey.

You can read more about me at TheAnkurTyagi

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Get everything I've learned from blogging, as well as lifetime support, and start a blog to make your first internet money.

If you don't like what you see, simply reply to the download email within 30 days and you'll get a full refund. There were no questions.

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30-day money back guarantee

Get everything I've learned from blogging, as well as lifetime support, and start a blog to make your first internet money.

If you don't like what you see, simply reply to the download email within 30 days and you'll get a full refund. There were no questions.

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A Developer's Guide to Blogging

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